Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grant Espaniel's Testimony at Guy Earle Trial

Comedian Grant Espaniel. Watch him on YouTube

After Marlo Franson was excused, Sam Ismail called Grant Espaniel. He was present at Zesty's when the incident happened and the crux of his testimony was this:

"As a comedian, I wanted to go over to the table and apologize for what happened. So I did, but Pardy wasn't frightened of Guy, just angry. She said she wanted to break her beer bottle and stab him in the neck with it."

Ismail: "Stab him in the neck?"

Espaniel: "Yes. She said she wanted to break the beer bottle on the edge of the table and stick it in his neck."

Pardy's lawyer let this doozy go unchallenged, other than asking - and getting agreement from - Espaniel that his memory of that night is a little fuzzy.


  1. Oh, my.

    That must have been the PTSD talking. God only knows what's been doing all the talking since.