Monday, March 29, 2010

Lorna Pardy's Testimony at BC Human Rights Hearing - Part One

Shortly after Guy Earle's lawyers leave the hearing in protest (see previous post) Pardy is sworn in to testify. Sam & Salam Ismail from Zesty's restaurant are the only respondents left at the table. They smile grimly and scribble notes, both a little sweaty, aware they are way out of their league.

Pardy is 32 years old and works as a meteorological technician at Vancouver International Airport. She is five-foot eight inches tall and weighs 130 lbs. She is dressed conservatively in a long-sleeved rugby shirt with horizontal blue stripes and has no visible tattoos or face piercings. Her dark hair is cut to shoulder length. When she speaks, her voice is decidedly low.

Pardy says she suffers from PTSD stemming from the incident, and will later call a witness doctor to confirm it.

In a nutshell, Pardy claims she was not drunk and not heckling - "I finished one Corona and was halfway through another" - when the incident occurred. She says it was a beautiful day and her plan was to enjoy time with friends on the patio of Zesty's restaurant. She didn't know there was an open-mike comedy event taking place that night.

But when she and her friends moved to a table inside the restaurant, her girlfriend kissed her on the cheek, and that's what started Guy Earl going:
"Don't mind the inconsiderate dyke table that just walked in."
As they interacted with the waitress about getting more drinks, Earle was annoyed by the distraction up front and went at them again:
"Do you have a strap-on? Are you going to go home and fuck her in the ass?"
...At some point, Earle approached the table:
"Why do you have to be such a fucking cunt?"
Pardy splashed a glass of water in his face and said "stay away from this table."

Several minutes later, Earle was again onstage in his role as MC for the open-mic comedy night. And he went after Pardy again.

At this point both parties' stories converge:

Also at this point, I felt I had enough material for the day, so I left and gave my seat to a fellow blogger. Take it from here, Covenant Zone!


  1. Pardy says she suffers from PTSD - Post Traumatic Strap - On???

  2. Please keep us updated on this farce. A tribunal ignoring a Supreme Court of Canada ruling? How bizarre is that?

  3. I would believe that Pardy's observations were clouded and hazy that evening. Her ability to think rationally was layered with obscurity - her head is still in the clouds.

    If I were still an active pilot, I would not rely on her ability to give the "James Brake Index".

    She doesn't know when to stop.


  4. There are portions of Pardy's testimony that I have difficulty believing, and portions of it that I have no problem believing.

    First off, girls kiss each other on the cheek all the time. When I see it, "lesbian" is far from the first thing to pop into my head.

    As a matter of fact, it's far from the first thing I think when I see girls kiss on the lips. I doubt that Guy Earle is nearly as provincial as Pardy's testimony would have one believe.

    As for whether or not Earle uttered the "cunt" remark, I have no problem believing that. I don't think he should have to defend bad comedy in a Human Rights Tribunal, but the guy strikes me as a complete sleaze, so I have no trouble believing he would utter such words.

    If we believe Earle's testimony in total, he may have been provoked. Personally, I'm reserving judgement on that particular matter.

  5. Give Pardy some slack, she is gaming for $20 large.

    She will/must repeat anything that the (taxpayer funded)lawyer whispers into Pardy's head.

  6. People must decide on their own what they want in life. Do they want freedom of speech or people skills? If you have people skills chances are you can speak well. Don't put the cart before the horse...that goes for all parties. Take for example Earle's lawyer - PEOPLE SKILLS. Then tell me who is the winner...