Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nic Roy: Earle like Michael Richards, used "dyke" instead of "nigger"

Comedian Nic Roy. Watch him on YouTube

Comedian Nic Roy was the highlight of the day, appearing before the Tribunal with a pair of Canadian flag sunglasses dangling from his shirt. Speaking with plain honesty and unabashed candour, he recalled how Pardy & girlfriend first came to his attention:

Roy: They were making out when I was onstage, and that's pretty much it. I mentioned something about it - don't recall the detail - but they didn't get upset. When Guy took the stage, they were making out again and he got angry and then the insults started going back and forth. It stopped being a comedy show, it got awkward, Guy Earle was just being offensive, he wasn't being funny. He pretty much acted like Michael Richards, so to speak, but instead of nigger, he used the word dyke. Also asshole, piece of shit, little dick, fuck you, fuck yourself, you're a piece of shit.

Ismail: Did you get paid?

Roy: No, a couple drinks I guess.

Ismail: You were a volunteer?

Roy: Yes, I'd been going there every week for awhile to practice and do comedy.

Ismail: Was Salam doing you a favour, doing the local comedians a favor?

Roy: Yes, yes he was.

Ismail: Did you notice any water...

Roy: Yes, twice. After the second time he got angry and broke the sunglasses. They were just as aggressive as he was. I didn't see any scare tactics, any fear.


Cousineau: You heard what Guy called the complainants?

Roy: Dykes, cunts, bitches, whores.

Cousineau: Was this a major incident in your life?

Roy: [sarcastically] Yeah, I keep having nightmares and I wake up in cold sweats… I've been drinking every day since then.

[laughter in Hearing room]

Mr. Roy is excused.


  1. Oh man oh man.

    Nic Roy just shut the shit down.

    Poor Lorna Pardy. :P

  2. Thanks Nic!
    That's the funniest bit I've heard all week.
    I'm officially a Nic Roy fan!

  3. I agree, I laughed out loud when I read that!

  4. This whole trial is low comedy. I liked Roy's comment. He understands.

    This has become circus.
    An expensive farce for Guy Earle Elicited by two immature, insecure, money hounds.
    This has nothing to do with Lesbianism, & all to do with larceny by an organ of the Government gone rouge with power hunger. Once free speech goes none of us are safe from political fashion.
    This dripping poss filled Inquisition must be cauterized from Canada, or we will lose any REAL rights. Comedy is just the cure for this disease of censorship.