Saturday, April 24, 2010

BC Human Rights Tribunal Rejects Guy Earle Defense: denied, denied, denied

BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) member Murray Geiger-Adams has published his first decisions in the Pardy vs. Earle/Ismail human rights case he recently presided over in Vancouver.

But don't get too excited:

Wait a minute. The hearing is weeks finished, and you still can't decide on jurisdiction? And after reviewing the evidence and watching all the witnesses testify, you still can't decide if there's any merit to the complaint? That just doesn't add up.

And 20 pages later, a trio of denials:

Responding to the decisions against him, Guy Earle had this to say.

More analysis to follow (and more analysis welcome in the comments). Stay tuned.


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  2. Sweet f*****g Jesus Christ! Did they really just deny him the right to appeal the issue of jurisdiction to a real court of law?! Even when citing the oh-too relevant section of the Charter of Rights?!! God damn them all to hell, all right.

  3. [cross-posted on The Blog of Walker ]

    What is particularly surreal about this case is that BCHRC is doing everything in THEIR power to crush "comedy" itself.

    Why, one would ask, would the BCHRC want to crush comedy considering it's been going on ever since the ancient Greeks invented it?

    Well simply, in their Prosac-laced numbed-out minds of spending their days as humorless arbitrators of social heresies and miscreants, the basic precepts of "comedy" are considered in ecclesiastical terms to be anathema.

    "Comedy" is after all the truest individual form of social expression, commentary and criticism that can be produced in any given society.

    But the quintessential lizard-brain of a bureaucracy like a Human Rights Commission, by their very reptilian nature, just can't tolerate such an extreme expression of freedom. And in their unadulterated hubris, actually think they can arbitrate it out of society.

    (same goes for Islam by the way; - as in, can you think of just one funny Muslim oriented comedian? I can't.)

  4. I notice that the "Human Rights" tribunal is looking for a new kangaroo.
    Not a bad living, $113,500 a year, if you can look yourself in the mirror.

  5. Mr Earle et al...

    Hang in there everyone. This is a sick miscarriage of justice. In that this kangaroo court has no jurisdiction anyways. Hence their taxpayer funded waffling on this issue.

    Also, I hope "Ms. Pardy" has realized what a disgrace this action is, considering how many people have fought, and even died to bring about equal rights for gay and lesbian people in this country.

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