Thursday, April 1, 2010

Video Tour of British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal Facilities

Shortly after today's hearing ended, the entire 12th floor of 605 Robson street was vacant, allowing me to bring you this unprecedented view inside the BCHRT taxpayer funded public facility. It's a big place:


  1. Did you notice that all the rooms have peepholes, so that those inside can see who's outside ?

    I've never seen them required INSIDE a building.

  2. At the start of the Guy Earle "trial" i heard that the doors were locked, presumably to keep out the media (once the 18 seats in the gallery were filled). So there's a situation where the peepholes might have been used.

    People should note the pro-feminist and pro-aboriginal land claims possters on the walls. No doubt, in the "human rights world view" there is nothing controversial about this. But how would it make you feel if you were being accused of denying a woman or aboriginal her "human rights"? Would you feel that you were receiveing a disinterested trial within the rule of law? No. But of course that is not really possible anyway under a piece of legislation that simply outlaws "discrimination". That concept is a license to politicize the law because it is open to pretty much any interpretation and the possibility of ever new socio-economic situations that one might complain are "discriminatory" are in potential endless.

    Good work on the "trial", bulletproof