Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guy Earle Trial Evidence? How Comedians Handle Hecklers

It's definitely a form of artistic expression. As long as the BC Human Rights Tribunal is accepting YouTube videos as Hearing evidence (seriously!), Sam & Salam Ismail (owner of Zesty's restaurant) should introduce this exhibit of great moments in heckling history (maybe not that last one though).

Comedy great George Carlin:


Brendan Burns: (Wow, this runs parallel to the Guy Earle Trial)

Jamie Kennedy:

Kenny Moore:

Inside the Guy Earle BCHRT Hearing Room

[UPDATE: Watch complete video tour of BCHRT facilities]

Cameras aren't allowed in the hearing room, so I drew this basic map to show what it looks like:

It's relatively small, about 10 metres by 10 metres, basically a re-purposed office boardroom. What's very odd is the placement of the observers' gallery, on the opposite side of the room from the door. Visitors arriving and leaving must walk behind the respondents, witness and complainants table while the hearing is underway. It's awkward and distracting, especially for the witness, who has people brushing by behind them while they're testifying. Seriously!

If the layout designer of this room was trying to achieve maximum inconvenience for everyone except the Tribunal chair, they succeeded. Why not put the gallery chairs by the door so visitors can enter and leave the room discreetly, without disturbing the hearing in progress?

Guy Earle Trial Day 2

Yesterday's events seem to have redoubled media interest in the case and I couldn't get a hearing seat today despite arriving early. Meantime, here's a recent roundup from the blogosphere: (more links welcome in comments)

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